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It's sad that the average 3rd grader has a better head-shot than most professionals!  While it's cool to use lifestyle snapshots that show your audience who you are, a professional quality head-shot tells the world you are serious about what you do.  


Don't wait until your back is up against the wall and somebody asks you for your headshot.  Get one done now and have it ready as part of your brand.  

A studio head-shoot only takes about 15 minutes and only cost $200.  You get to pick your favorite pose for us to retouch, then you get that file to use any way you need to.  

We can also travel and set up at your office and we have special pricing for groups from the same business.

We can also do group shots, either digitally or "live".  

Don't skimp on this!  Hire a pro and do it right!

"Hi Kevin!

It is universally accepted by all that YOUR picture of me is of professionally magical proportions! which I credit The Famously Awesome Kevin Harrington of The Harrington Photography! to which most say ...Why yes of course!!  Kevin Harrington!! 


Not kidding!, Just yesterday it was Kathy of the Journal Era in Berrien Springs!  Kathy said why of course!...Kevin Harrington HE takes the Queen Pictures!!!!


Oh My Gosh Kevin!...Congratulations on your amazing talent!! & Thank You!! for using it on has helped beyond description!"

-Kelly Priede

"There is no place I would rather go for photos than Harrington’s Photography. Kevin and his team started photographing me as a toddler and have since done my high school senior photos and professional portrait as a law student. I trust that I will always receive high quality work while also feeling like a Movie Star when I go to Harrington’s!" 

- Lena Madison

"When I needed professional headshots I knew just who to call, and not just because he’s family, but because he’s the best!

Taking your photos at Harrington Photography isn’t just ensuring that you’re going to be pleased with the outcome of your photos, but it’s an experience. Kevin, Cathy, and Marcia know how to make you feel comfortable, and most importantly, laugh. Kevin has the incredible ability of capturing a variety of emotions in those he shoots. Most notable is genuine laughter!

Kevin has photographed me for family photos, senior pictures, and professional headshots. The team at Harrington’s is professional, personable, and care about each individual that they work with. There is no better studio that produces great photos while having the best time. Thank you Harrington Photography!"

-Troy Robertson

"Cathy and Kevin - Chris and I would like to thank you for the fun we had yesterday.  It was great to see you again - we were reminded how professional, thoughtful and fun you are.  We ran into a neighbor on our way back to our house - and he asked what we were doing - told him about Harrington Photography and I sent him  a link to your website.   Our community is lucky to have you!"

- Rob Gow

"Harrington Photography sets the stage for memories of a lifetime.  Throughout the years, Kevin and Cathy have played an astronomical part in my life’s happiness.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, Harrington Photography has given me a daily gift for over 20 years.  Each day when I gaze at my family picture, an indescribable joyful feeling comes over me that sets the tone for my day.

Recently, Cathy and Kevin again filled a void no one else had been able to accomplish.  I needed photos taken to launch my next career.  No one seemed to be able to cure my RBF.  After confiding in Kevin that I had a phobia about having my picture taken he offered some tips on how to cure that.  I did not have much success in applying those principals when I went for my photo-shoot with another “professional”.  So I made an appointment with Harrington's and in less than 30 minutes, Kevin and Cathy created the photographs that made my next career possible.  Hopefully, you can see that without Harrington Photography my life would not be what it is."

-Christine Curtis

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