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All of our photo-shoots come with a FREE creative design session to plan the details.

You should really take advantage of this!

FALL COLORS...$100   

Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year around here and we LOVE to get out and make portraits!  This is a one hour photo-shoot with as many outfits as you want to fit-in!  Or if you would rather, schedule the INSIDE OUT during the autumn!

STUDIO 19 ... $100     

Our studio is pretty cool and extremely well equipped...you know...like you would expect from a professional photographer!  We have countless backgrounds, props and lighting set-ups to use based on your outfits and personal props.  Besides that, we have the skills to guide people into the most flattering poses, select the correct outfits and use lighting to create the proper mood for the ideas that we come up with together.  These things, combined with Kevin’s sense of humor and creativity, and Cathy there watching the little details, put our customers at ease.  They know they are going to look great!  That confidence shows in their photos!  You'll get a nice variety of shots to make your selections from without being overwhelmed.  


One of the most popular options last year!  We begin with beautifully designed, magazine-quality images in our studio, then we hit the road to a favorite local outdoor spot or two.  And boy, do we have some good ones!  We even use photographic lighting outdoors to ensure the light on your face and in your eyes is perfect for you.  


Perfect for the girls who would like to wear their hair very differently...like our sweet Cathy. Her hair has some natural curl, but she often straightens it.  Both ways look absolutely smashing and deserve their own photo-shoots, hence the split session.  Or in the past we've had seniors with multiple personalities, and they can't get them to show up on the same day.  Each shoot is up to an hour.  

SUNSET...$200 or $300

Making beautiful portraits at sunset (or sunrise if you would rather) is one of our specialties.  People often accuse us of using photo-shop...but NO! we use photography skills rather than editing.  You can add this to one of our other senior photo-shoots for $200, or if you would like this all by itself, it's $300.  We typically do this at the beach, but if you have a special location in mind...lets talk!

CUSTOM LOCATION...$100 or $200

We love to shoot in different and unique places, and we love to feature things that are special to our customers. Where is your happy place?  What's your thing?  Let's collaborate to make some one-of-a-kind images!  You can add this to any of our other shoots for $100 or get it all by itself for $200.


If you love the beauty and diversity of our seasons, why not include that in your senior portraits?  This shoot includes 1 shoot with a couple outfits in our climate-controlled studio and 3 outdoor shoots (usually summer, fall and winter).  We like to wrap this up by Christmas break.  



It's pretty cool living close to a big, bustling city like Chicago, and then being able to get back to our peaceful side of the lake. If you enjoy the city and want to have some of it in your senior pix, this is the shoot for you.  Give us a call for more details and check availability.  This is really fun for a couple friends to do together.   


Kevin and Cathy are Disney fuh-reaks!  They love to go to the Disney area to thaw out and get inspired by Disney magic.  They also typically make at least one trip per year to the Mackinac area.  If you love either of these place, give us a call for details and check our availability.  It's a great experience and you'll have unique photos!