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Why do your pictures look so garsh darn good!?

First of all, thanks for noticing!  It must be cuz Kevin has a REALLY nice camera.  He got it at Best Buy and it takes really nice pitchers.  Just kidding again!  While his camera IS really good, a nice camera and a keen eye do not a photographer make.  It’s a combination of many skills, both artistic and scientific, that combine to make truly great images for you.  Throw in his creativity, Cathy’s attention to detail while we’re shooting, and Marcia’s ability to help you pick the best poses and frames, and you get art that happens to be of your loved ones!

How much do pictures cost?

That depends on how much you love whoever is in the picture!  You’ll probably want to get lots and lots of really big ones of your favorite kid, and then just a few small ones of that naughty one.  Just kidding, of course…but we want you to keep reading!  Obviously you’ll want to get lots of big ones for each of your children :-)


Seriously though, we are a print-based studio.  That means we sell finished products printed by one of the best labs in the world that knows how we like our work to look.  That’s important, because why spend all the energy and talent to make rockin images only to have them be printed “off-color” and on cheap paper.  We’re professionals, and will walk you through each step, from selecting the right photo-shoot, bringing the best outfits, ordering the correct sizes, finishes and products; and we even do framing so when you pick up your order, it’s ready to display in your home.


Back to price:  5x7’s cost 59 bucks and 8x10’s are 79.  Most people get a nice wall display, an album and some gift portraits and spend between 9 and 15 hundred.  Many of our customers are WAY above average, though :-)  We don’t have minimums or limits.  If you are on a tight budget, we feel like it’s always better to buy quality over quantity.  Please don’t be afraid to talk with us about your budget before we shoot.  We can scale things back so you’ll be less tempted to break the bank.

Do I really need to hire a professional? 

Of course not!  You can get mediocre pictures from a hobbyist.  You can buy some tools at Lowe’s and remodel your kitchen, but a pro would do it much better and more efficiently!  Life is always simpler and the results better when we hire a professional!  We do the technical photographic things correctly so when we print the photos, they still look great!  It’s easy to get pictures to look good on a glowing screen!  But when they’re printed…that’s when any technical flaws can really show!


What are your hours?  

We are a full-time studio and are generally open Monday - Friday 10-5.  HOWEVER, we do a lot of work on location and would hate for people to come in and find our “WORKING ON LOCATION” sign up, then be mad at us.  You should always have an appointment, unless you’re just happening by, then feel free to drop in!  We do have availability for evenings and weekends, too at special rates.  


How do I know what to wear, where to shoot and what to expect?  

Excellent question, grasshopper!  We offer all our customers a free planning session to help you with all the details.  After booking with us, you should take take us up on it!  Right up there with awkward posing and bad lighting, the most common mistake we see is poor clothing choices.  We will talk about any ideas you have, locations we typically shoot at, and any ideas and locations you may have in mind.  We can also talk about make-up, hair, props, Disney, and about the Cubs winning another World Series!

How long will the photo-shoot last? 

That depends on the shoot.  For seniors, our most popular shoot is the INSIDE OUT and takes about 2 hours.  We usually do a couple outfits in the studio and a couple outdoors within a few miles of the studio.


A family shoot on the other hand may only take about a half hour.  Dad’s usually like to hear that!  In fact, it doesn’t have to take that long.  Kevin knows what he’s doing and doesn’t need to mess around hoping he gets something good…

After the shoot, when can I order my photos?  

Typically within a few days of the shoot, you can come in and order your photos.  It’s pretty exciting to see the images on our “big screen”.  You’ll be able to view all the sizes available so you can see exactly what you’re getting.  For folks who come from several hours away, we sometimes shoot in the morning and do the order in the afternoon.   We will need to work this out when we set up the appointment.  

Who should come to the order appointment?

Pretty much whoever is in the photos and/or paying for the photos should be here.  We allow 2 hours for this appointment, so having the key people here is important.   It’s really not a “more the merrier” sort of affair.  The more opinions you get, the harder it can be.  Pretty much whoever is in the photos and/or paying for the photos should be here.  

Do you have payment plans?  

We are more than willing to work with you.  We can set up custom payment plans for you, just talk with us about it.  Photos can be released once the entire order is paid in full.    

How long will it take to get my beautiful prints finished?  

The short answer is about 4 weeks.  This varies sometimes because of the busy season and availability of frames.  But pretty much 4 weeks.

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